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A Spark!

August 22, 2019

Spark India was a programme that *sparked* (see what I did there..) my interest when a friend returned from the programme. Having only existed in spaces and travelled in countries which I felt like were somewhat in my comfort zone, I was intrigued by the idea of travelling to a country which I’d only had the pleasure of experiencing through the media and my peers. Similar to other developing countries around the world, I had presented with only a narrow understanding of India. It was either the slums or the Taj Mahal, no in-betweens. So I was interested in reading between the lines and seeing what the country and its many popular cities had to offer.


Other than these seemingly fickle reasons, I’ve always been interested in social enterprises/ventures. It’s been inspiring to see how much people care about their communities, and how much time, money and energy they commit to ensuring it thrives. This mindset has always allowed me to conceptualise a world outside of my immediate community (usually family and friends). 


Through this programme, I hope to develop a clearer understanding of the landscape of social ventures in India. I’d love to gain more knowledge on how India has tackled its developmental issues and has advanced in various industries like biotechnology.


I would also want to gain a better insight into the remaining challenges faced within the country and how the various social enterprises and funds tackle such issues. 


Although I’m only on day one, I’ve already learned that India is way more than I could’ve imagined. Many people told me how urbanised and how much of a business hub Mumbai is. So I’m really glad I get to see this first hand! 


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